The economic and financial environment becomes extremely demanding, with the competitiveness in attracting investment funds having now acquired international dimensions.
Our Company, providing valuable experience of our management executives, who have served in the capital markets field for many years, offers a wide range of corporate communications services and investor relations, contributing to the most effective management of corporate reputation of listed companies, either in Greek or in foreign markets.
Our goal is the promotion of proper communication between the listed companies and the existing or potential investors, supporting high ethical and professional standards in the implementation of communication with shareholders, the upgrade of the levels of readiness in the technical communication with shareholders and the best implementation of these communications, the publication of information and facilitate their understanding by investors and organizing meetings with investors in order to exchange views and experiences.
 The main purpose of our services is the communication with the financial community, especially private and institutional investors and analysts, timely and reliable and the building of a lasting relationship with the investment community.
 Our vision regarding this section of our company is to contribute with our ideas, our methods and our strategic thought, so that our customers can take advantage of opportunities, to offer value to their shareholders and produce measurable results.
Our philosophy is to create trusting relationships with our clients aiming to manage concepts and targets on a common basis.
 Taking advantage of the deeper knowledge, not only of the Greek but also of the International financial environment that our Company has, our Investor Relations Department addresses primarily to businesses and organizations who understand that their shares are one of the products that their company offers.
 Our services, concentrate on the following 5 areas:
- Investor relations management.
- Organizing presentations to institutional investors.
- Supporting Shareholders Departments.
- Supporting corporate communications and announcements departments.
- Designing, organizing and supporting a corporate Investor Relations Portal.

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