As a new state, Kosovo offers various investment opportunities in sectors such as agriculture, food processing, construction, the IT, automotive parts, energy and mining.
Already a member of CEFTA (Free Trade Agreement Central Europe), which includes, among others, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, FYROM, Moldova, Montenegro and Serbia , Kosovo has the relative advantages that arising from it.
The local government is interested in attracting more foreign direct investments in the construction industry, the construction of roads, building households in new areas and energy projects.
Recently, it was announced that the government of the Kosovo intends to submit a new package of measures aiming to make the business environment more attractive for the foreign investors.
The objective is for Kosovo to occupy a good place in the list of the 40 best countries for investments.
To achieve this goal, the government is preparing a package of measures concerning primarily, the basic operation of business, from its inception until its full development. In this context, it is moving towards reducing bureaucratic procedures by simplifying them, removing at least half of the necessary documents, improving the legal framework and creating an electronic database, in which all the companies will be registered, aiming to protect investors and transparency.



G.D.P. in purchasing power terms (billion $)


G.D.P. in nominal values (billion $)


G.D.P. growth in 2014


Investments in fixed assets as % of the G.D.P.


Inflation rate


Total borrowing of the economic units (bil. $)


Exports (mil. $)


Imports (bil. $)


Total Foreign Direct Investments (bil. $)


Work Force


Unemployment rate


% of people under the poverty threshold


Energy production (bil.)

5,324 kWh

Energy consumption (bil.)

2,887 kWh

State budget incomes (bil. $)


State budget expenditures (bil. $)


State budget deficit as a % of the G.D.P.


Tax incomes as a % of the GDP


Public Debt as a % of the GDP


Foreign Debt (mil. $)


Lending interest rate of commercial banks


Corporate tax rate


Highest income tax rate


Highest VAT rate


The government aims to achieve a GDP growth rate of 4% in 2016 and 2017.
For the Greek business, Kosovo is the "active” El Dorado in the Balkans, firstly because of the fact that foreign capital makes its first steps, secondly due to the fact that the country is under the protection of the U.S. and there are needs across the whole range of consumer goods and infrastructure. Furthermore, the institutional framework is more than attractive, as long as relevant moves are made with caution.

Do you know that...

  • Foreigners own some 700,000 hectares of land in Romania, around 8.5 percent of the country’s ploughable area.

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