The Bulgarian Stock Exchange has been revived in the early 1990’s after the relevant political changes. Initially, a series of small stock exchanges were founded in Sofia and the province. During the period from 1995 to 1997 the intergraded Bulgarian Stock Exchange was created through mergers (Bg.SE - the Bulgarian Stock Exchange).
In 1996 the Central Securities Depository started its operation. During the same year a major step towards the proper functioning of the capital markets was made, due to the establishment of the Securities Commission.
In 1998-99, in the "free market" of the Stock Exchange, trading of the securities of approximately 850 companies, that had been included in the mass privatization program, started. However, the number of companies in the Formal Market, in which entry requirements are strict, is just a few dozens.
The legal framework for the Stock Exchange was further improved in 2000 with the Law regarding the Public Offering of Securities, and in 2002 with the additions concerning the protection of minority shareholders, the rules for mergers and acquisitions, etc.
The daily trading range generally at very low levels and hardly exceed one million euro on a daily basis.
For 2011, Sofia Stock Exchange has provided the highest returns in Southeastern Europe, from the beginning of the year, and if calculated in dollars, it takes the first place in the world.

Reasons for listing a Greek non-listed company or of its local subsidiary:

•    Exceptionally “open” listing limits and conditions
•    Low cost
•    Professional attitude
•    Healthy macroeconomic data of the country
•    Ability, in the near future for the interconnection between the trading platform of the Sofia Stock Exchange and the ASE OASIS, through the X-NET network of HELEX and vice versa,
•    Ability for the Greek shareholders to keep their shares in the investment Securities Accounts of the Greek depository,
•    Strong penetration in the local market.

Additional reasons for dual listing of a Greek listed company:

•    Increased reputation as a dual listed company (ATHEX + Bg.SE)
•    Evaluation of Local subsidiaries in capital markets’ terms.

What EMEX Group can do for you?

Our Company for this case as well, offers a full service package, aiming initially to investigate the appropriateness of your company for listing to any of markets of Bg.SE and then provide the necessary support for successful progress as listed, in cooperation with the stock exchange company AVAL IN, where the owner of the company is the ex-president of the Sofia Stock Exchange Mr. Ilkova Bristra.
Our proposal for specific services, separated as follows:
•    Consulting services regarding the financial statements of your Company, in order to successfully transform the statements of the last two years in collaboration with your Chartered Auditors, according to the International Accounting Standards. These services are subsidiary to the work of the Charted Auditors and will not interfere with the transformation of the financial statements itself.
•    Elaboration of the Initial Assessment Report of your Company.
•    Preparation of a specialized dossier which includes both the presentation of historical data, as well as the prospects of your Company, in order to be presented to the local investment community.
•    Consulting services on the internal administrative structure and organization of your company.
•    Design and implementation of internal seminars both to executives and employees of your company on the differences that will arise during the progress, towards listing in international capital markets.
•    Total independent legal control by expert collaborators of our Company.
•    Consulting services regarding the amount and the terms of the IPO or the private placement.
•    Operating as a link with the local Nominated Advisor for the preparation and filing of all the necessary documentation for submission of the relevant application.
•    Organisation of the corporate presentations required.
After listing your company in Bg.SE, optionally and with no time commitment from our side, we could:
•    provide financial and tax consulting services
•    undertake the supervision of the Investor Relations Department of your Company
•    undertake the management of relations between your company and the Venture Capitals, and the institutional investors in general, given that they participate in the share scheme of your company and finally
•    investigate the potential for the participation of strategic partners in your shareholders structure.

Do you know that...

  • Bulgaria's Kozloduy nuclear power plant, which has been operating since 1974, has raised safety concerns, and the country agreed to shut four of its reactors as a condition of joining the European Union.

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